• Project Information
  • Date 2018
  • Category Real Estate
  • Location Muraba Residences East Crescent Road The Palm Jumeirah East DUBAI UAE

Project overview

The Dubai-based property firm Muraba, which was launched in November 2014, is eyeing a slice of Dubai’s luxury real estate market with a property development on the Palm Jumeirah. Muraba Residence, An architectural gem of eastern crescent of the palm jumeirah. It is a collection of 46 apartments and 4 Penthouses,Every one of which is determined to make the most of the continuous view across the water, right along the skyline of the whole Dubai.

Muraba properties approached us for a projector display solution. As per the need, we where required to install projector display solutions on 3 pavilions consisting of glass fins with dimension of 9m width and 2.5m height.  

Most important and challenging facts about this project.

One of the major challenging situation we faced was due to the dimension size and area where they wanted the projector. It was quiet difficult to install the projector as the range area of the pavilion was only 1.2 m but the requirement was to have a display size of 4m width and 2.5m height which was hard to achieve.

How we solved issues and successfully complete the project.

We conducted multiple testing with projectors that could meet the requirements. We then decided to use Optoma ZH400UST ultra short throw projector which can display large image but then we came up with an idea of edge blending and mapping solution using 2 optoma ZH400UST on landscape mode to achieve the total display dimension of 4m X 2.5m.

By the use of Mapping and Edge Blending software we configured all 6 projectors mapped on the glass. It took more than 12 hours of full installation, testing and commissioning of all the equipment's. Muraba Properties glass projection was successfully installed and run perfectly.

Short note about project

The projector installation for our client was completed within the stipulated time. The technicians could use the present configurations and they also could adjust it depending on the requirements of the moment. The quality of the images makes the display truly unique and increases the glamour of the properties.

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